BDR’s Coaches Corner: Creating A Successful Fall Contest For Your Team

Catherine Bares

Creating a Successful Fall Contest For Your Team

“If you make it fun, they will come!” This was my motto as a fitness instructor. Let’s face it; most people dislike exercise. I figured out a way to successfully draw people back into my classes, and I have taken the same approach with my team in the HVAC industry.

Catherine Bares PA

How can we drive our teams to ask for reviews or referrals and make it fun? Glad you asked! We can create contests that the entire company can participate in. To win a game, the entire team must participate.

Create Written Rules of Engagement

For a team to win, only 1 person on the team can have 0 points. Outline how teams will be picked.

Create Point System

Assign points to everything that earns a spiff

  • All system Enhancement products
  • Reviews
    • 4-star reviews
    • 5-star reviews
  • Referrals
  • Lead Generation
  • Leads Sold
  • Dialing for Dollars
    • Capturing an appointment

Determine Prize Choices

If creating teams, everyone on the winning team gets to choose from a variety of prizes. For large prizes, stretch the contest out over 3 months. For smaller prizes, stretch the contest out over a month or a week. It could be as simple as a Certificate of Achievement celebrated at our weekly meetings for: most improved for the week, largest dollar sale, or most “featured” products sold. (At times, you may want to extend a contest if the minimum is not met.)

Create A Marketing Campaign for The Team

  • Use visual scoreboards
  • Communicate the status daily
  • Create a “family” driven contest by sending out letters to spouses, families, and significant others detailing the contest, rules of engagement, and prizes. 
  • Create a “Success Corner” story in the company newsletter

Determine Team Criteria

Every team will have 1 of the following:

  • Demand Service Technician
  • Junior Technician
  • Office person
  • Installer
  • Install Helper

Group contests can help create a unified front that gives everyone a sense of purpose. If contests are created for individuals, it can create envy which can cause a disgruntled environment, and in turn, slowly sabotage motivation and success rates. It’s important to share experiences and focus on how the team members have achieved their successes. Hold open sharing sessions during regular company meetings, and remember, “Everyone longs to belong.”

Catherine Bares

Service Profit Coach