As a Dealer what do I get when I sign up for classes?

When you sign up for a BDR training Class, you will receive access to BDR's experienced trainers, all of whom have either owned or managed a successful heating and cooling company. Our trainers will teach you proven strategies to drive profit and growth in your business.

Each training participant receives a training manual that is loaded with useful information forms, and tools that you can use in your business. Editable forms and templates for each class are available for download from BDR's web site.

How do I sign up for training?
Contact your distributor to find out what BDR training classes are available.

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I have been a BDR client for years.  I recently sent my Sales Manager and Service Manager to SS1 in Atlanta.  They came back and said “Everything you have been preaching to us over the last 3 years now makes perfect sense!” In the 3 months since that class they are now: Going on the return trip after the installation to make sure our clients are 100% satisfied and generating referrals (hadn’t been doing that) Revamped our introductory letter (and email) What we have figured out is that is we consistently do all the steps we have learned in the sales process (from start to finish), we eliminate the competition every time.
RES Air Conditioning Rick Thrasher