Service Dispatch University

Service Dispatch University

About This Class

BDR’s Service Dispatch University will give your dispatchers the tools to be successful in their role and take their dispatching skills to the next level. By reducing time spent on service calls through improved dispatching, your service department can generate incredible profits and help drive your business forward.

Did you know saving 10 minutes per service call can generate an extra $92,000 in revenue per technician? Learn dispatching techniques that can help turn your service department into a profit machine!

Dealers - Registration Is Open

This class is coming up on December 5, 2022 at 07:30.

This class is virtual.

Who Should Attend This Class

Dispatchers, Owners, Service Managers


Things You Will Learn At Service Dispatch University

1. Develop and refine dispatching and scheduling techniques that improve labor management, enhance customer service, and drive revenue.

2. Improve customer service skills through development of scripts and phone etiquette.

3. Understand and apply reporting that will track your service department’s daily performance through BDR’s 8 For 10 database.

4. Strategies for managing maintenance agreements.

Meet Your Trainer

What People Are Saying About Service Dispatch University

"I loved how organized and clear the information was presented to us! There was so much good information to help drive revenue and client retention through our dispatching."
- Cassie Imel

"I learned so much during this training. I never felt judged based on my existing knowledge and plan on putting what I learned to good use."
- Angie Betz

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