Typically comprising only 15%-20% of total sales…
the average residential service department loses virtually all of the money made on the installation side

Service Profit Coach is Focused Exclusively to Drive Service Department Success:
Service-operations coaching focused to work with department leadership, dispatching and service-support roles, including the accounting department. Service Coach improves department productivity and morale, customer service delivery and financial performance.

Top Challenges in Service:
Your service department is the most expensive department to support and your Service Technicians are the most expensive – and scarce – human resource you have. How do you grow your business if you can’t afford the resources you need? Here is a list of the top challenges and consequences of being “average” in Service:

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Performance Goals of Service Profit Coach:
BDR’s premise is that Service can and should be the most profitable department in the company (smaller tickets with a bigger profit margin). Further, “Service Operations” is a logistics-management role. As such, you need the right management skills, aptitude, and personality type for success at the helm. BDR has a proven, documented track record of helping our clients to achieve the following results:

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BDR’s 8 FOR 10TM Products and Services: BDR’s service coaches utilize BDR’s exclusive 8 FOR 10TM reports, and provide business consulting services to its customers utilizing its 8 FOR 10TM branded products and services. BDR’s service coaches will train and consult with customers to drill down to the exact area(s) you and your team need to focus on to maximize your results and profitability.

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BDR has helped our company get to the next level and over Wall 1 by implementing their procedures, resources, and pricing structures. Our Service Coach has helped us increase the revenue on each service call with his excellent knowledge of the service side of the HVAC industry, as well as to increase the revenue of our AOR projects.
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