Smaller Company

Stage-1 helps small business owners with limited time, and perhaps limited business experience, to understand and execute on the most important business functions and highest priority profit-drivers required to grow a profitable business.

Smaller Company

Stage-1 helps small business owners with limited time, and perhaps limited business experience, to understand and execute on the most important business functions and highest priority profit-drivers required to grow a profitable business.

The goal is to help our clients get to $1 million in annual revenue much faster and easier, with fewer mistakes, resulting in greater profitability, which builds your business faster.

  • Focus Ownership: On a streamlined “core” set of the most important business-management functions. They are the key to eliminating endless workweeks with little vacation. They set the foundation for long-term company growth and profit & greater personal financial success
  • Turn-Key Processes & Procedures: Stage-1 provides HVAC-specific process documents spanning all operational areas of your business. They are pre-built and customizable to meet your unique needs. We keep it short, sweet and simple supporting fast, easy implementation for time-starved business owners.
  • Proper Pricing & Mistake Reduction: Call-Backs, Warrantee and Missed-Billing are the “Top-Three Profit-Killers” in HVAC. Growing too fast burns-up cash flow, which kills companies. Learning how and why is the key to mistake elimination and substantial double-digit net profit.
  • Coaching Guidance & Process: Provides HVAC-specific expertise and guidance for owners. Sets your business (and personal life) up for far greater success as you build-out and structure your company into a sustainable, cash-generating business. BDR eliminates the “three-steps-forward, two-steps-back dance”. Saves considerable time, money and frustration
  • Owner Success: BDR’s product is Profit. Our benefit is Freedom. Profit goes up; Stress goes down; and you have more personal time. Life is fun when you are highly profitable.

Three-Steps-Forward…Two-Steps-Back Dance

Ever feel like you or your employees repeat the same mistakes or relearn the same lessons? If you are growing a business for the first time, you are in “uncharted territory” every day regarding how to run a company that doubles, triples, quadruples in size. As your business grows, it evolves. This means the owner must evolve to stay ahead of the necessary changes.

The Tactical Execution Trap

Working constantly; Repeating the same instructions multiple times to employees; The “go-to guy” for all questions from everyone…all the time; Financials not that helpful, no time to read them anyway; Cyclical (seasonal) cash flow – sometimes good, sometimes bad, same cycle year-after-year; Rinse-Repeat. BDR will help you break out of the rut and focus on the precious few things that will transform your business and life.

Highly Motivated Business Owner That Wants To “Own-The-World”

You pay for the growth of your business through the net profits generated by the business. Intelligent business decisions and “Profit” drive greater growth and greater cash flow…faster. Service-based businesses are worth more money than new construction-based businesses. BDR will dispel common misconceptions about how to grow an HVAC business, and show you how to compete on value-added services rather than price-based discounting. We will show you how to dominate your competition!

I’m Really Busy…Why Should I Care?

Great question! It all depends upon what you want your life to be. Your company is the driver of your lifestyle and the lifestyle of your employees. It’s all about the math…and time: You can generate $250,000 on 62 installations, or you can do $250,000 on 38 installations at a substantially lower cost, which will generate a far greater profit. This is because small percentage reductions in cost translate into large percentage increases in net profit. The leverage is HUGE! Once you understand the math, you can make informed decisions and create the life you want. Profit and personal time move together. It’s entirely up to you.

Stage-1 Tools That Drive Profit Quickly:

Below is a partial list of the turn-key tools provided that will make a profound difference in company profitability for you and your family. We coach…you implement:

  • A highly successful former HVAC business owner or business manager that transfers knowledge and tools and professional expertise. They help you develop your business knowledge and leadership skills. They understand how to structure successful HVAC businesses and keep you focused on the important, precious few that drive success faster.
  • Proposal Template
  • Breakeven & Gross Profit per Man Day Calculator
  • Finding your Divisor Calculator
  • Determine Your Correct Rate Per Hour in Service
  • Job Cost Template and Estimate Calculator
  • Jobs Needed to Breakeven Calculator
  • Maintenance Pricing & Profit Calculator
  • Opportunity Cost Calculator

Profit Is A Mindset

Once you grasp the dynamics of profitability, you will establish a formidable competitive advantage for life. BDR empowers our clients with our industry experience and information to give them the knowledge and skills they need to drive profit and growth in their business. The leverage at the bottom line is HUGE!!! What you focus your time on is the key.

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