A Proactive M&A Strategy for Distribution


Have you lost business because your contractor customers have been acquired by a private equity group? Do you have a plan to move forward and position yourself and your company to succeed as industry consolidation continues? This course will provide you with a proactive M&A strategy that you can use to get out of reaction mode and position yourself to win going forward.


M&A, or mergers and acquisitions, activity has been taking place at a rapid clip in our industry in recent years. It’s easy to feel like what’s happening is out of our control as we see long-time clients get acquired which – in many cases – causes the loss of significant business. While some of the activity is indeed out of our direct control, there is still much we can do to set ourselves up to win in this environment. The focus of this course is to provide you with a proactive M&A strategy that you can customize to your specific situation.

You will learn:

  • Why private equity is focusing on the HVAC industry
  • What private equity looks for in companies they want to acquire
  • The elements of a proactive strategy that you can use to position yourself to succeed in the current environment of M&A activity