Installation Coaching

One of the most critical resources in any HVAC company is the availability of revenue production hours. As the demand for HVAC Installers continues to rise, businesses must look for opportunities to leverage their current labor resources to prime.

BDR's Installation Coaching can help you make the most of your scarce labor resources while maximizing the opportunities you have in your Installation Department.

Are you maximizing results in your Installation Department?

The average monthly revenue per installation truck is $25,000 to $35,000 (annual range $300,000 to $420,000). Contrast that with the performance of top-performing installation departments that range from $90,000 to $200,000+ per month (annual range of $1,080,000 to $2,400,000). Quite a difference!

BDR helps you drive improved performance

BDR's Installation Coaching helps you implement sound labor management processes to improve your department’s workflows, increase productive hours, eliminate callbacks and improve team member job satisfaction.

The program is completely customized to your needs. Your coach will work directly with you and your Installation Team to identify strategic areas to work on. Once identified, your BDR Installation Coach will help your team develop the actionable tactics necessary to improve performance in each area over time.

Installation Coaching gets results

Implementing effective labor management practices through BDR’s Installation Coaching program has far reaching effects such as: 

  • Selling the right jobs and accurate estimating on sales proposals
  • Year-round referrals 
  • Accessory sales 
  • Increasing revenue without adding more people or more trucks 
  • Improving communication by building upon a culture of accountability
  • Reducing / eliminating call backs 
  • Double digit net profit 
  • Transforming Installers into Craftsmen  
  • Increasing positive online reviews 
  • Improving comraderie between Installation and Sales
  • Career path development for Installation team members

How it works

Your Installation Coach will begin by analyzing 10 specific areas within your Installation Department. Then we'll narrow the focus to your top three initiatives to begin your coaching journey. For each initiative, your Coach will help your team develop detailed implementation plans that include:

  • Steps for completion
  • Projected timelines / Completion dates
  • Team members assigned to each task
  • Measurements/metrics are established to track progress

Ready to learn more?

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Top 10 Items We Focus On

  1. Installer Efficiency Percentage / Matrix - How well are each of your individual Installers and crews being utilized?
  2. Warranty & Callback Reduction - With 90% of our industry's profits being lost to callbacks, we must forensically identify the reason(s) for callbacks within the department and create plans to eliminate them.
  3. The Art of the Start - Develop a strong culture by setting up the Install team(s) to win each day.
  4. Job Packet Content - Fine tuning communication from the Sales team to execute of the perfect install is a critical component to client and team member satisfaction.
  5. Tools Stocking Program - Determine the right tools needed for each type of installation
  6. Truck and Warehouse Inventory - Create or refine an inventory management system.
  7. Quality Assurance Process - Develop a repeatable process to reduce callbacks and increase client satisfaction
  8. Job Staging - Create or refine your tailored approach for an efficient shop / warehouse layout and job prep procedures
  9. Scheduling/ Dispatching - Get to more calls, more efficiently
  10. Written Installation Procedures - Build consistency and your company culture by formalizing your installation practices