Successful Onboarding: From Prospect to Purchasing Partner


About This Training

Have you ever brought on a new contractor customer only to find that months later they had purchased little or nothing? It costs too much time and money to bring on a new customer and not see a corresponding sales increase.

In BDR’s Successful Onboarding: From Prospect to Purchasing Partner, learn a proven process to follow and the pitfalls to avoid when taking new customers from prospect to purchasing partner.

This session is part of BDR’s Territory Management Consulting Skills series. In this training series, new and experienced territory managers will learn the strategies and skills they need to evolve into consultants who can build a partnership with their customers by delivering valuable business guidance and advice.

Ready to evolve your approach and enhance your results in your territory?

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Date: September 5, 2024

Time: 12:30 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. CT

Location: Virtual

Cost: $300

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Who Should Attend This Training

  • Distribution Managers
  • Distribution Sales Managers
  • Territory Managers

Things You Will Learn

1. How to identify the prospect who is more likely to become a great partner.

2. Setting purchasing expectations with a prospective partner.

3. How to present a mutually beneficial development path.

4. The measurement milestones to track to ensure progress is being made.

Meet Your Trainer

Candy Cunningham.

Candy Cunningham

Distributor Relationship Specialist & Trainer

Candy Cunningham has over three decades of experience in the HVAC industry, with roles in distribution sales and territory management. As a Territory Manager, Candy was recognized in the Top 10 Percent of National Distribution Sales on three separate occasions. Now a trainer with BDR, Candy leads classes for both Territory Managers on growing sales in their territory, along with BDR's Duct Design and Improving Airflow with Aerodynamic Fittings classes, where she shares her knowledge of ductwork and experience in helping contractors make improvements to existing duct systems.
Mike Cunningham.

Mike Cunningham

Client Relationship Specialist & Trainer

Mike Cunningham has over two decades of experience in HVAC, with roles in distribution sales and territory management. He leads training classes focused on maximizing results as well as guides distributors in building training journeys for their customers.