Service Call Sequence of Operations


About This Training

Do your service technicians have a plan for every service call that drives customer satisfaction and maximizes any possible opportunities, or do they just show up and figure it out?

Participants who attend BDR’s Service Call Sequence of Operations 3-hour power-up training class will create a consistent process for your service team to use on every call!

What is a Power-up Training Session?

BDR’s Power-Ups are condensed virtual training courses designed for busy owners, managers, and team members. These three-hour sessions provide actionable strategies and proven processes to help you improve your effectiveness, drive enhanced results, and take your business to a new level of achievement. BDR Power-Ups deliver industry-leading instruction to you and your team in concise, impactful sessions that help you power up crucial skill areas, including sales, service, financial understanding, and more!

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Who Should Attend This Training

  • Managers
  • Owners
  • Service Managers
  • Technicians

Things You Will Learn

1. Recommended steps for completing a service call.

2. How to establish rapport with customers.

3. How to develop discovery questions that identify opportunities for accessory sales and additional services.

4. How to present options and successfully wrap up a service call.

Meet Your Trainer

Jasen Laws.

Jasen Laws

Head Coach & Trainer

Jasen Laws has over 25 years of HVAC, Electrical, and Refrigeration industry experience. His experience covers Residential Installation and Service, Commercial Installation and Service, Duct Design and Installation, as well as Electrical Design and Service. He began his career as a teenager and worked his way up by learning every aspect of the HVAC industry, working for various companies, owning his own company, and going into distribution.
Dave Consulo.

Dave Consulo

Lead Head Coach & Trainer

Dave has two decades of experience in the HVAC industry with seven years of management experience in sales, installation, and service. Dave has a passion for working directly with service technicians on customer communication and soft-sale skills and co-authored a BDR coaching program on service technician excellence.

What People Are Saying About Service Call Sequence of Operations

"I liked the instructor's ability to communicate and the detail in which everything was presented and explained in the Service Call Sequence of Operations class. The training absolutely encouraged me to get back to the basics and focus on the small things, tasks, behaviors, and attitudes that allow us to best serve customers in a way that makes them feel understood, comfortable appreciated and ready to tell everyone about the service provided."
- Kanon Van Guilder, Christmas Air

"I plan to implement creating SOPs! I like how the instructor really broke everything down. I wouldn’t change a thing about Service Call Sequence of Operations."
- Chris Martinez, Prestige Heating & Air, LLC