Pre-Wall One: 4 Steps to $1.3 Million+ in Revenue

PreWall 1.

About This Training

BDR’s Pre-Wall One: 4 Steps to $1.3 Million+ in Revenue provides residential contractors generating less than $500,000 annually with actionable steps to take their business to the next level.

During this training, contractors will discover four things they need to do daily to generate $1.3 million+ in revenue and how to do them profitably. Attendees will learn the true cost of operating a profitable business and what it takes to make more money without working more hours. At the end of class, business owners will come away with a clear understanding of what it takes to bill $1.3 million+ and how to get there.

Pre-Wall One is also valuable for larger contractors struggling with profitability or cash and want a better understanding of pricing and the overhead cost of running a business. 

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Who Should Attend This Training

  • Owners

Things You Will Learn

1. A strategy to drive revenue and profit in the shoulder seasons.

2. The value of the different types of leads and how to generate and track them.

3. The reasons why customers should choose your company based on the value you deliver.

4. The causes of the profit-killing callback and learn strategies on how to avoid them.

5. To develop a plan to reach $1.3 Million+ in annual revenue.

Meet Your Trainer

Scott Tinder.

Scott Tinder

Trainer & Instructional Designer

With over 30 years of HVAC industry experience, Scott Tinder has worked with dealers, distributors, and manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada to drive profitable growth in their businesses. He brings a genuine passion for helping the companies and individuals he works with to implement and achieve a higher level of success.
Chris Koch.

Chris Koch

Head Coach & Trainer

Chris Koch has nearly three decades of HVAC experience, starting at the ground floor and working his way up to VP of Service. His expertise ranges from a start-up to $60 million in sales. Chris has gained rich, diverse exposure to many forms of doing business. He is a team-building leader and possesses necessary hands-on experience.

What People Are Saying About Pre-Wall One: 4 Steps to $1.3 Million+ in Revenue

"This has been a great opportunity for me to think about where I want to go with my business. To see what I’m doing right, and to think about things I want to do differently."
- Dave, Evergreen Energy, LLC

"I attended this seminar with the goal of avoiding the mistakes most new business owners in this field make. I feel I’ve been prepared to become a successful HVAC business owner and operator."
- Josh, Trusted HVAC