Pillars of HVAC Success

Pillars of HVAC Success.

About This Training

BDR’s Pillars of HVAC Success provides owners and managers with the foundational building blocks for running a successful HVAC business and how to implement them.

Each section is pinpoint-focused on identifying what they need to get done, why they need to do it, and helping them develop their personalized method for how to get it done.

By attending this class, contractors will leave with a step-by-step action plan to achieve higher profits, focused on developing processes and procedures, optimizing their existing labor force, utilizing relationship-based sales strategies, and more!

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Who Should Attend This Training

  • Managers
  • Owners

Things You Will Learn

1. To price and sell jobs to reach breakeven quickly and generate more net profit.

2. How to become a sales-driven company utilizing three essential strategies.

3. To fully utilize your existing labor resources.

4. Overcoming obstacles that prevent your business growth.

Meet Your Trainer

Scott Tinder.

Scott Tinder

Trainer & Instructional Designer

With over 30 years of HVAC industry experience, Scott Tinder has worked with dealers, distributors, and manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada to drive profitable growth in their businesses. He brings a genuine passion for helping the companies and individuals he works with to implement and achieve a higher level of success.
Jeff Plant.

Jeff Plant

Lead Head Coach & Trainer

Jeff Plant has over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, starting at the ground floor level and rising to Chief Operating Officer. Jeff has mastered installation, service, and building automation roles spanning the residential, commercial, and industrial markets. He enjoys teaching others best practices and participating in industry trade associations to raise professionalism awareness.
John Michel.

John Michel

Lead Head Coach & Trainer

John Michel has built a highly successful career in the HVAC, energy services, plumbing, and contracting-related fields, with extensive experience in both the Residential and Commercial markets over the past 30 years. He understands the relationship between sales and the organizational structure required to support and manage growth… while maximizing profitability effectively.

What People Are Saying About Pillars of HVAC Success

"This was an eyeopener for a business owner like myself with no real business experience. It has taught me procedures and given me ideas on how to grow and what I might need to change, I will be attending future classes. "
- Derek Zipperlen, Veteran Heating and Air Conditioning

"BDR ruins you for other training businesses because they know how to teach and motivate. If you have a chance to use their coaching or just attend a class, DO IT."
- Sharla Cloud, Cloud Heating & Air Conditioning