Offering Accessories in Residential Plumbing

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About This Training

Residential service calls are an opportunity for the company to drive revenue, build a long-term relationship with a customer, and offer additional products and services. However, most plumbing companies don’t take the time to build a relationship and offer additional products while in the home.

Most customers look for ways to improve their homes and quality of life. Water purification, circulation pumps, and slow-close toilet seats are all great accessory options that consumers want, and that helps you increase your average service ticket. Plus, accessories provide your plumbing technicians with opportunities to earn additional income through spiffs. Accessories are profit builders for you and peace of mind builders for your customers.

BDR’s Offering Accessories in Residential Plumbing provides plumbing owners and service managers with a strategic template that covers product selection, pricing, presentation, and getting buy-in from the team. Build your residential accessory program, and you’ll be building a better, more profitable business.

What is a Power-up Training Session?

BDR’s Power-Ups are condensed virtual training courses designed for busy owners, managers, and team members. These three-hour sessions provide actionable strategies and proven processes to help you improve your effectiveness, drive enhanced results, and take your business to a new level of achievement. BDR Power-Ups deliver industry-leading instruction to you and your team in concise, impactful sessions that help you power up crucial skill areas, including sales, service, financial understanding, and more!

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Who Should Attend This Training

  • Owners
  • Service Managers

Things You Will Learn

1. How to build your accessory offering program that both builds relationships and drives profit.

2. Best practices for accessory pricing and spiff incentives.

3. How accessories benefit the customer, company, and plumbing technicians.

Meet Your Trainer

John Michel.

John Michel

Lead Head Coach & Trainer

John Michel has built a highly successful career in the HVAC, energy services, plumbing, and contracting-related fields, with extensive experience in both the Residential and Commercial markets over the past 30 years. He understands the relationship between sales and the organizational structure required to support and manage growth… while maximizing profitability effectively.