Managing and Growing Service Profitably

Managing and Growing Service Profitably.

About This Training

Many contractors view their service department as a necessary evil or loss leader rather than a profit machine. But successful HVAC businesses understand the opportunity available to them by running a profitable service department.

In BDR’s Managing & Growing Service Profitably, learn the principles and strategies necessary to run a profitable service department. Attendees will learn the correct approach to running a profitable service department that can generate 20-35% net income each month.

Discover how to drive profitability in service while also capturing replacement leads, leading to a successful and profitable year-round business!

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Who Should Attend This Training

  • Dispatchers
  • Owners
  • Service Managers

Things You Will Learn

1. Understand strategies for building a profitable service department.

2. How to cover the entire company's overhead with the service department's gross profits.

3. Determine how to price your services for profit.

4. Effective and efficient labor savings techniques.

5. How to track the performance of your team's billing and labor efficiencies.

Meet Your Trainer

Jennifer Shooshanian.

Jennifer Shooshanian

Senior Service Coach & Trainer

With over three decades of experience specializing in HVAC Service Operations Management, Jennifer Shooshanian is one of the most knowledgeable and accomplished service performance experts in the United States. Her classes offer structure, growth, and profitability strategies that will help dealers recognize the tremendous profit potential of a well-structured service department.
Catherine Bares.

Catherine Bares

Service Coach & Trainer

Catherine Bares has over two decades of HVAC experience, primarily focused on service operations and sales. She has held numerous positions over the years, from a dispatcher to a service manager and working her way up to general manager. While service is her passion, Catherine has proven total-company operations knowledge and has demonstrated her ability to manage, coach, and inspire.
John Michel.

John Michel

Lead Head Coach & Trainer

John Michel has built a highly successful career in the HVAC, energy services, plumbing, and contracting-related fields, with extensive experience in both the Residential and Commercial markets over the past 30 years. He understands the relationship between sales and the organizational structure required to support and manage growth… while maximizing profitability effectively.

What People Are Saying About Managing and Growing Service Profitably

"Managing and Growing Service Profitably was very well structured, and the information is very valuable. I am a long-time tech moving to a management position and these foundations will be a great start in my new journey."
- Mike LaPaglia, Intelligent Air Services LLC

"Every time I attend a BDR class, I leave with several ideas that I can implement into my company. The driving profit and growth class is very interesting and eye-opening. I hope to go back and improve some things."
- Gary Marcum, Patrick Heating & Air Conditioning