Leading a Management Team


About This Training

Do you have the team in place to support your company’s future growth to $8M, $12M, $15M, and beyond? To reach the highest levels of sustainable growth, you must design a plan to create and develop a management team that can make your company’s vision a reality.

In BDR’s Leading a Management Team, discover how to identify core competencies crucial for managing a top-performing management team and discover the secrets to becoming a skilled delegator.

Develop these skills now and learn what you need to build your ultimate management team!

What is a Power-up Training Session?

BDR’s Power-Ups are condensed virtual training courses designed for busy owners, managers, and team members. These three-hour sessions provide actionable strategies and proven processes to help you improve your effectiveness, drive enhanced results, and take your business to a new level of achievement. BDR Power-Ups deliver industry-leading instruction to you and your team in concise, impactful sessions that help you power up crucial skill areas, including sales, service, financial understanding, and more!

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Who Should Attend This Training

  • Owners

Things You Will Learn

1. How to understand the evolution of the owner's leadership role as a company grows.

2. How to develop an organizational structure that identifies job roles and reporting structure.

3. How to identify the core competencies to manage a management team.

4. How to build the steps to become a skilled delegator.

Meet Your Trainer

Kim Archer.

Kim Archer


Kim Archer is President of BDR along with being the lead trainer for BDR’s financial courses, Accounting & Office Management and QuickBooks for the HVAC Contractor. She is also the architect of BDR’s Profit Launch business planning workshops. With over three decades of industry experience and as a founding member of BDR, Kim has built templates used to produce hundreds of monthly financial statements for contractors across the country.