Redefining Business and Investing in Success

“Our business is different since we started working with BDR. We are more professional and provide a better product to our clients.”

Alex Gravley, Owner
Foss Heating & Cooling

“What were your business challenges before BDR Profit Coaching?”

My name is Alex Gravley, and I am an owner of Foss Heating & Cooling. We are a residential and light commercial service and retrofit contractor in Northwestern Washington State.

We knew we wanted to grow, but we didn’t really know what steps to take to facilitate that growth. We knew it was important to grow the business but did not know what roles or systems to create.

Without BDR’s help, we had no idea what the first steps were to become a large and profitable business.

BDR has a strong training focus. It really stood out to me that they want to empower their clients to excel, and that is why it seemed like they would be a good fit for our needs

“How has BDR helped your business grow?”

Since we started with BDR seven or eight years ago, we have had a lot of wins and have grown a lot. 

Today, we have twice as many staff as we did back then, over twice as much revenue, and we are in the process of moving into a brand-new facility that’s four times the size of the facility we have now. 

BDR helped us through every step of the process when growing the business. They help us define goals, develop a strategy to accomplish those goals, and then celebrate with us when we hit them.

Having a larger purpose in mind and having a larger plan in place helped us grow and understand the holes we needed to fill and where we needed to put our focus.

It also helped us know when we had reached those goals and that we were moving in the right direction.

“Were there any unexpected benefits of the coaching?”

When we became BDR clients, I did not really think of myself as a good manager or someone who had the skills to be a manager. Over time, I have definitely learned how to be a better manager.

BDR approaches management like you are a coach trying to get your team out on the field and successful. I am a happy recipient of a lot of new skills through BDR.

“Was working with BDR Profit Coaching worth the investment?”

Working with BDR has definitely been worth the investment. It was the best decision we made, and it helped improve our profitability and the level of services that we can provide to our community. 

Everything we do with BDR has a lot of value to us, and it has been an absolutely great investment.

“Would you recommend BDR Profit Coaching?”

I would recommend BDR to other business owners who want help defining and achieving goals. Everybody can learn something. 

Business owners tend to think that they know it all, and a gift that BDR can give you is to come in and help change your mind about some things or change the way you think so you can be more successful.

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