Transforming Business Success

“Our business is different since joining BDR because we have learned structure. We work together better. I don’t think we could have done that without BDR. Our biggest win has been our profits, but also improving our debt. ”

Heather and Brandon Taipalus, Owner
Elite Air Heating and Cooling

What were your business challenges before BDR Profit Coaching?

Our names are Heather and Brandon Taipalus, the owners of Elite Air Heating & Cooling. We realized we were good at what we did, but we were both awful at the business aspect.

It was super stressful. I know I lost a lot of sleep while managing the business. There was just so much that we didn’t know. There was a lot of debt that played into that as well. That was one of the first challenges we had to overcome.

We started right after COVID shut the world down. Learning to operate a business, when we didn’t know what profit and loss meant, it was tough. We just knew we had some money or we didn’t!

How has BDR helped your business grow?

Our most valuable tool is our coach. She changed the structure for how Brandon was bidding for jobs. She basically changed how we were pricing everything. 

She was very blunt and honest with us, and I think that was the approach we needed. It helped us change a lot of stuff, and it was a total 180-degree turn.

I had an “I can’t” attitude, so I fought every step of the way for the first little bit. I fought the BDR aspect. I was sure that we could not afford BDR or field software. So she helped us figure that out. Now looking back, we couldn’t have afforded not to work with BDR.

What unexpected benefits did you discover when working with BDR Profit Coaching?

There were a lot of unexpected benefits. We had some pretty rusty, beat-up-looking vans on the road. Now we have nice-looking vans with wraps on them that look more professional. Now we have an office space. We were working out of our house, in a little office off our living room. 

A lot of people didn’t even know we existed, it was just word of mouth. We got into a lot of the advertising at community events with Gwen’s leadership. 

It has definitely paid off. There has been a lot of growth, and we never thought we would get this big, let alone so soon after starting with BDR.

Is working with BDR Profit Coaching worth the investment?

It has 100% been worth it. We have done our business plan with them for two years now. This year we broke our three-year goal based on our first profit launch in 2023. 

In just over a year with BDR, we did better than what we were projected to do in year three. So it has been more than worth it.

Would you recommend BDR Profit Coaching?

I wish everybody would be in the same boat we are. I want everybody to succeed, there is enough out here for all of us. 

We even talked to our salesman with the supply house about hosting a few BDR classes because we would like to send our employees for some sales and install help. We are also looking for more classes with BDR.

Their processes, procedures, and the way they train people. It is kind of like a script for a successful service call or a profitable install, and it works