The Power of a Second Set of Eyes

“Since working with BDR, our business has changed quite a bit. The one thing that has been the most prevalent is accountability. Having that second and third set of eyes between our head coach and our financial coach has been amazing and the things that we can all see together have been awesome.”

James Beyer, Owner
Beyer Plumbing

“What were your business challenges before BDR Profit Coaching?”

My name is James Beyer, and I am the owner of Beyer Plumbing Company here in San Antonio, Texas. Coming out of the pandemic, there was a dip like everyone has seen. 

We were trying to navigate that, and seeing where our weaknesses were and trying to fix them. It was not  quite getting there, so I wanted to get some extra help. 

We have been referred to BDR many times, and it was good that I finally reached out to John Michel, who is my head coach. 

He visited once before and I got to meet him in person. It was nice to actually talk to him again about the issues we were having. I think he knew that I was going to call him eventually, he was just waiting for me.

How has BDR helped your business grow?

Sitting with our head coach twice a month and looking through everything has been great. We look through everything from our books, ServiceTitan, to little nuanced ways we are operating.  

It was nice to sit with somebody and go through every single motion and kind of pick things apart. It helped us identify things we might not have been doing in the most efficient way.

This process was fantastic and changed our operations, and completely changed our financials. Now we are doing everything opposite of what we had been doing for 30 years. We have started changing all of our GLs and ensuring that it all makes sense now.

“Were there any unexpected benefits of the coaching?”

Teamwork is one of our core values. We work together constantly, so having a good team in place has helped with that work-life balance. 

I am pretty excited that we have been able to create different levels and career paths. BDR has helped us do that. We now have career paths for both sides of our company, whether you are a service plumber or a construction plumber.

Doing that means that our employees can see a future with the company and how they can grow along with the company. I think that has been fantastic for us. 

Creating those different roles has really helped with everyone’s work-life balance. Now when you go home, you are not going home late at night, and not going home to just continue working.

“Would you recommend BDR Profit Coaching?”

I would 100% recommend BDR to everyone. I have been trying to preach to everyone that I see! I am a member of PHCC, which is a national organization for plumbing, heating, and cooling contractors. I have mentioned BDR many times to the other members. 

Even if you are into the second generation already, I think it is important to improve. If you are the first generation and just starting out, I hope that you figure out a way to get BDR in. They will transform your business. We have seen positive results across the board.

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