Technology in the Trades: How to Adapt and Pivot WITH Technology to Increase Growth With Jason Abbott


As technology evolves and becomes more vital to trade businesses’ success, don’t fall behind and get lost in the dust of companies who are adapting and growing WITH technology!

Today, you’ll learn exactly how technology is advancing the trades like never before AND how you can use technology to pivot, grow, and transform your trade business.

In this episode, Lynn is joined by Jason Abbott, Head Business Coach at Business Development Resources (BDR), a coaching organization on a mission to help companies become more profitable through better culture, efficiencies, technologies, and more.

Jason has been in the trades for 35 years, so he brings a wealth of knowledge on how to grow and develop an efficient, profitable trade business in 2024 and beyond.

Don’t get left behind! It’s time to hop on the bandwagon and get learning. Tune in now to learn how to level up your business today and keep serving your community for years to come.

On this episode of Transforming the Trades, Lynn & Jason discuss:

  • Why technology is crucial for creating efficiency in your business.
  • Essential technologies you need for your trade business.
  • How businesses are using VR to train employees and technicians.
  • Innovations in trade equipment and technology.
  • How automation benefits trade businesses and supports business growth.
  • How to elevate your customer experience: Combining field service management with CRM.
  • How to become a master at CRM.
  • Pivot points you should pay attention to in the next 1-2 years (hint: AI and automation!)

Actionable Key Takeaways for Trade Operators:

  • Scheduling software is the heartbeat of operations. If you implement efficiency tools and automation, especially in processes like scheduling and CRM, your business will grow and improve drastically.
  • To become a master at CRM, you have to nurture your leads, customers, and workflows. If you don’t already focus on CRM, this requires a significant pivot.
  • Before focusing on getting more leads or customers (which requires money!), try to nurture the ones you already have so they convert and stay loyal.
  • Many of the basics of Yellow Pages advertising have carried through to modern digital advertising. Ranking and keywords are just as important.


Lynn Wise combines the best of both worlds: a blend of cutting-edge technology and old-fashioned customer care.

As the founder of Contractor In Charge, Lynn offers a decentralized and completely scalable inbound call center and inside sales program along with a bookkeeping solution tailored specifically for plumbers, electricians, and heating and air conditioning home service contractors. Her innovative approach has earned her recognition as a thought leader within the trades industry.

Listen to the podcast featuring BDR Head Coach Jason Abbott on Transforming the Trades!

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