Leveraging the Power of Financing in Your Service Department

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In this episode of the Prime Partners Podcast episode, GoodLeap Managing Sr. Director of Business Development Chad Martin and Managing Sr. Director of Home Improvement Rick Cupples dive into the topic of “Leveraging the Power of Financing in Your Service Department.”

In this engaging conversation, we explore the current consumer demand for financing and dissect how contractors are currently using financing – or not using it – on service calls. While financing might be more common in install and new system purchases, Chad and Rick share how important financing can be on the service side of your business and how to use it as a daily tool for both customer satisfaction and company growth.

Learn best practices for implementing financing in your service department, along with how to train your team to offer financing at every job, and discover the indirect benefits that can boost your business.

Chad and Rick also shed light on what sets GoodLeap’s financing platform apart and how it facilitates service call financing, making it a game-changer for your business.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and learn how to harness the potential of financing in your service department.

Leveraging the Power of Financing in Your Service Department Time Stamps

  • (03:10) – What is the consumer’s need for financing today?
  • (05:25) – How do most contractors use financing today, or do they?
  • (07:08) – Financing as a daily tool and the indirect benefits of financing
  • (10:28) – What are some best practices for implementing financing in the service department?
  • (15:05) – How GoodLeap provides training to support contractors in offering financing
  • (18:11) – What makes the GoodLeap platform unique?
  • (22:08) – What does the process look like for implementing financing on a service call?
  • (27:25) – Final thoughts

About Rick Cupples

Rick Cupples is a highly accomplished professional with over two decades of diverse experience in the HVAC industry. Throughout his career, he has worked as a contractor, distributor, manufacturer, and finance specialist, gaining invaluable insights into every aspect of the business. As a skilled professional in sales, territory management, service management, and operations, Rick comprehensively understands how these components intertwine to create successful HVAC ventures. Furthermore, his expertise extends to embracing and implementing new technologies, empowering contractors to harness these advancements and fuel sales growth effectively.

About Chad Martin

With over two decades of successful sales management experience, Chad Martin has consistently led and inspired teams to exceed their goals and deliver exceptional results. Notably, he dedicated five years to the specialized field of home improvement financing, where he directly assisted contractors in securing the resources needed to turn dreams into reality. Chad’s commitment to leadership, strategic growth, and fostering valuable relationships remains a driving force throughout his career.

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