How Assessments Can Help You Hire the Right Employee for Your Company

How Assessments Can Help You Hire the Right Employee for Your Company with Oksana Vlasenko

In this episode of the Prime Partners Podcast, Oksana Vlasenko, Vice President at Recruit4Business, discusses the importance of assessments in the hiring process. In this short conversation, we explore the difference between assessing for personality and ability and how assessments can provide valuable insights into a candidate’s fit for a specific role. This episode also covers the ongoing use of assessments in team building, employee development, and management. Oksana emphasizes the need for consistency and legality in using assessments and highlights the services offered by Recruit for Business in the HR and recruiting space.

Key Takeaways

  • Assessments provide valuable insights into a candidate’s fit for a specific role, including their natural tendencies, learning abilities, and learning styles.
  • Assessments should be used to complement the hiring process, not replace it. They can help identify areas for coaching and development, as well as potential challenges in team collaboration.
  • Assessments should be used consistently across all candidates and positions to ensure fairness and accuracy.
  • Assessments can be a powerful tool for team building, employee development, and management, helping to improve communication, collaboration, and overall performance.
  • Legal considerations should be taken into account when using assessments, ensuring that they focus on job fit and do not infringe on personal or medical information.

Time Stamps

  • (00:00) – Introduction to Oksana and her background
  • (02:52) – The Importance of Assessments in the Hiring Process
  • (06:26) – Assessing for Personality vs. Ability
  • (09:20) – Using Assessments in the Hiring Process
  • (12:15) – Analyzing Assessment Results
  • (13:55) – Continued Use of Assessments in the Workplace
  • (18:28) – Overlapping Assessments for Team Collaboration
  • (22:13) – Assessments as a Retention Tool
  • (23:02) – Assessment Scores and Interview Questions
  • (26:31) – Legal Considerations in Using Assessments
  • (30:26) – Overview of Recruit4Business and Assessments
  • (34:37) – Why Every Team Member Should Go Through the Assessment Process

About Oksana Vlasenko

An expert in human resources (HR) and employee hiring and retention, Oksana’s extensive trade background fuels her proven success in evaluating, recognizing and placing only the best and brightest job candidates – while using cutting-edge tactics to manage and develop employees. Oksana has over 20 years of experience as a Psychometric Personality Assessment Analyst, having reviewed and analyzed over 25,000 personalities. She is one of the co-founders of Recruit4Business, which provides HR and recruiting resources in the trades industries.

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