From 1-100: Profit Launch Business Planning is Going Strong

From 1-100: Profit Launch Business Planning is Going Strong

The Beginning of Something Special

On September 19th, 2005, Business Development Resources (BDR) held its inaugural Profit Launch Business Planning workshop, with 22 contractors in attendance. Little did anyone know that BDR was starting something special that would define the company and help hundreds of contractors plan for a better future.

Over the years, Profit Launch grew. With the ever-increasing demand came larger sessions, more frequent dates, and more advanced sessions to fit the needs of all clients, big and small.

Profit Launch conference room
Profit Launch Business Planning workshop’s 100th session
Profit Launch 100, Doctorate Session
Profit Launch 100, Doctorate session

Profit Launch Business Planning Today

On September 25th, 2019, almost exactly 14 years after its first session, BDR celebrated its 100th Profit Launch Business Planning workshop session. Clients and coaches from the very beginning all those years ago were in attendance, reflecting on their personal journeys in business planning and celebrating their successes.

With this milestone occasion came an updated program that included new planning exercises, a fun atmosphere, and a sleek new look. The digital format of each client’s plan has also been streamlined and made more user-friendly for quick and easy implementation.

Knueve & Sons, Inc. has been coming to Profit Launch since the first session in 2005
Our amazing coaching and events team
The BDR team celebrates this milestone

Thank You

We here at BDR would like to take a moment to recognize everyone who has made the Profit Launch Business Planning workshop such a success:

BDR Team

We couldn’t do this without our fantastic team, who are constantly striving to make Profit Launch the best it can be. Their hard work and commitment are the heart of our company and sessions.

Hilton SeaTac

We’d like to thank the Hilton for consistently providing the best venue and services possible to make our sessions great.

BDR Clients

Most importantly, we’d like to thank our clients. Because of you, we can continue providing the industry’s highest-rated, longest-running business planning workshop and help contractors plan for a better future.

BDR Leadership

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the vision and determination of our fearless leaders: Bruce Wiseman, Kim Archer, and Barry Burnett. Their leadership throughout the years has been the foundation on which Profit Launch was built.

Here’s to another 100 sessions of Profit Launch! WAHOO!

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