Does Outsourcing Back Office Functions Make Sense?

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In this episode of the Prime Partners Podcast, Free2Grow co-founders Nathan Keller and Charlie Felker provide insights into the power of outsourcing your back office. In this short discussion, they dive into understanding what back office refers to, its functions, the advantages of outsourcing, and how the process works.

Discover how outsourcing your back-office functions can be a game-changer for your company’s success!

Time Stamps

  • (01:17) – What do you mean when you say back office? What functions are those?
  • (02:18) – Why are these functions suitable to outsource?
  • (04:17) – How does the outsourcing process work?
  • (07:02) – What happens if there’s an issue or something doesn’t go as planned?
  • (09:01) – What type of benefits can a contractor see from outsourcing?
  • (11:32) – What is the background of the Free2Grow team?
  • (13:47) – What types of companies are utilizing back-office outsourcing (how big does the company need to be…)?
  • (17:31) – What options does your company offer?
  • (21:06) – How can listeners get in contact with you?
  • (22:13) – Final thoughts?

About Free2Grow

Free2Grow provides “Customer Service as a Service” for HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and other home service businesses.

Free2Grow has a dedicated team specializing in live call management (inbound & outbound), lead & estimate scheduling, CRM management, and more! Our team is trained in the industry’s best practices on how to field calls, book appointments, implement your CRM, and provide a high level of customer service for your clients.

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