Top Gun Sales Excellence Coaching

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Finally! Sales coaching from experts who tie all aspects of the sales process into a structural system, including written procedures, tools and coaching for your entire team held at your facility!

In a world where the customer is armed with unlimited access to information; our focus is to provide a retail experience that is uncommon, unexpected and refreshing! Exceeding the client’s expectations… every time.

We give you a proven process, incorporating the new rules of sales and customer service so you can succeed!



4 key components of Top Gun Sales Excellence

1.Discovery – We assess your organization, processes and tools to customize the training specifically to your team
2.On Site Training – We get the entire team involved in becoming a World Class Retail Organization
3.Coaching – This is not a one-and-done process, we are here to implement!
4.Tools and Reporting – Providing what top professionals need to succeed.  What gets measured, gets done

Tools and Reports include:

  • Customized Home Assessment packet
  • Load Calculation Software and hands on training
  • Personalized Collateral Book with ongoing updates
  • Energy Star and financing tools
  • Sales performance reporting

Our process targets specific actions that will:

  • Increase closing ratios
  • Raise average sales
  • Improve product mix
  • Drive accessory sales
  • Develop leads
  • Grow referral clients
  • Manage leads
  • Maximize financing
  • Drive on-line reviews
  • Increase high efficiency sales
  • Motivate and inspire the team to achieve sales goals
  • Increase profits


BDR’s coaching held at your place of business give you a unique opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by coaching your entire team at once on leading strategies and tactics to drive company profits, as well as employee and client satisfaction.

Build a sales-driven company culture by focusing your team on accessory sales, upsell, referral generation and replacement leads with this powerful on site sales coaching.


To sign up today contact Matt Baker at:  | 206-870-1880 ext. 2100

Good evening, Kim. I met you during the January 27th Profit Launch meeting and wanted to let you know what a great experience we had at Profit Launch and during the following week when Kasey Stanley, our financial coach, visited our office for a week of intensive financial coaching. Kasey's week with us was nothing short of "transformational" for McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning. Kasey worked patiently with all of our team members and was most generous with her time, experience and expertise. She truly helped us move our business forward on a host of financial and operational fronts. Our coaching team -- Michael Hunter and Kasey Stanley -- and everyone else I have met from BDR have been amazing. Thank you. Best, Al
McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Al D'Andrea