Profit Coach Stage-1 is our flagship coaching program, scaled down and tailored to serve the unique needs of businesses with annual revenues of $600,000 or less: 
Stage-1 helps small business owners with limited time, and perhaps limited business experience, to understand and execute on the most important business functions and highest priority profit-drivers required to grow a profitable business.

The goal is to help our clients get to $1 million in annual revenue much faster and easier, with fewer mistakes, resulting in greater profitability, which builds your business faster.

  • Focus Ownership: On those “core” business-management functions that set the foundation for long-term company growth and profit & personal financial success
  • “Turn-Key” Processes & Procedures: We keep it short, sweet and simple with “drag-and-drop”, immediately implementable business-process and business management documentation & reporting. Supports fast, easy implementation for time-starved owners
  • Mistake Reduction: Reduces or eliminates wasted time, ineffective business investment spending and hiring mistakes. “It is those things that you decide not to do, that make you the most money” - Barry Burnett, BDR
  • Coaching Guidance & Process: Provides HVAC-specific expertise and guidance for owners as you build-out and structure your company into a sustainable, cash-generating business; Saves considerable time, money and frustration
  • Owner Success: Improved short-term cash & profit generation; Spring-board for long term business growth and success – Owner spends more time working “on” the business

Competitive advantages have to be recognized. Profit Coach Stage-1 offers a turn-key, paint-by-number template for business success. BDR will dispel common misconceptions about how to run an HVAC business and show you how to compete on value-added services rather than price-based discounting:

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I’m Really Busy…Why Should I Care?
You can generate $250,000 on 62 installations, or you can do $250,000 on 38 installations at a substantially lower cost and far greater profit. This is because a small percentage reduction in costs (and/or increase in efficiency and/or selling amount), translates into a large percentage increase in net profit.

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Stage-1 Tools That Drive Profit - quickly:
Below is a partial list of the turn-key tools provided that will make a profound difference in company profitability for you and your family. We coach…you implement:

  • Proposal Template

  • Breakeven & Gross Profit per Man Day Calculator

  • Finding your Divisor Calculator

  • Determine Your Correct Rate Per Hour in Service

  • Job Cost Template and Estimate Calculator

  • Jobs Needed to Breakeven Calculator

  • Maintenance Pricing & Profit Calculator

  • Opportunity Cost Calculator

Profit Is A Mindset:
The leverage at the bottom line is HUGE!!! What you focus your time on is the key.


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BDR has been a fantastic investment and huge help to us. Our company has been running the same way for the past 17 years: broke and getting more broke! We made the decision to hire BDR after my wife attended a business course at our supplier in Austin. She came back with a bucket full of ideas and information. When we started looking into it all, we realized how limited our knowledge of this industry really was. We hired BDR in the Fall of 2017 and were paired with Paul Grizzle as our Head Coach and Judy Adamson as our Financial Coach. We were rather overwhelmed at first and almost regretting our decision until about March of 2018. Suddenly, the changes that Paul had helped us make started making sense and paying off. We did an On-site with Judy in April and, for the first time ever, our books were accurate and detailed. To a point, by the way, that we could have never done on our own; and we had a professional bookkeeper. Key word: had. We are now in the Fall of 2018 and we have seen huge progress in our company. We just took a 2 week vacation without contact with our team. We returned to happy employees, money in the bank and a pile of problems that had already been dealt with and fixed. This would have not happened if we would not have hired BDR. Thanks to Paul and Judy, we are sitting in October with one of our highest revenue years on record already and with a Net Profit that we have never seen. The best part is we have performed the same amount of work this year as we have in the past. By changing how we do business, and how we price it, we are doing the same amount of work, but making more money and taking vacations! BDR is a must for any service business. Thank you to Paul, Judy, and everyone at BDR. 
All About Air Brian Jamar