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Tailored exclusively for the HVAC and Plumbing industries, BDR’s business coaching services work with ownership and leadership roles, refocusing our clients to work “on” their business, rather than “in” it.

By working with our clients through BDR’s proprietary coaching model and by leveraging time-tested implementation tools, your business-management knowledge and effectiveness rise considerably over time. Greater, more consistent profit generation follows…which creates a formidable competitive advantage for you, along with a wonderful array of options!

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BDR has two core programs and many customizable program configurations that service both strategic and tactical objectives for businesses ranging in size from start-up to $250 million in annual revenues.

It is important to note that business coaching is not just for the struggling business owner. Nothing could be further from the truth. BDR’s coaching clientele numbers in the hundreds. Many clients are 5 – 10 year relationships and the average Profit Coach client generates a double-digit net profit margin, far exceeding our industry’s national average. The top 10% of all Profit Coach clients are generating net profits ranging from 15% - 20% annually. Our clients stay with us because BDR continues to deliver value, year-in and year-out.

Four Layers of Profit:
Many business owners report that they generate a double-digit net profit. But in reality, the owner is often “subsidizing” that number. BDR’s business coaching helps business owners to build a strong, self-sustaining company where employees are well paid and morale is high. We help you fill in the four layers of profit:

  1. Ownership compensation
  2. Employee compensation with a strong benefits program
  3. Business reinvestment – planned/ongoing
  4. A double-digit Net Profit Margin

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Whether your interest is in working on your entire business, organizing your financials properly for the HVAC/Plumbing industry, focusing on one underperforming department, building an effective business plan or maybe structuring a profitable exit strategy, BDR has the expertise coupled with 15-years of coaching experience spanning 1,200 business coaching clients across North America.

We want to earn your business:
Every business is unique with its own array of employee strengths and weaknesses. They range in size from big to small; metro to rural markets; varying business mixes from residential to commercial, new construction to replacement, or diversified across several industries, with combinations of all of the above. Plus, every owner has unique circumstances and goals.

Evaluation Process:
Thus, BDR will clearly understand your business, goals and objectives prior to providing a recommendation on the most suitable program configuration to meet your needs. There has to be a “fit” between what you seek and what we do in order for us to proceed forward with a working relationship. We do not charge an evaluation fee.


Please call to speak with our coaching program specialists, or email us:
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Good Morning and Wahoo! As I reflect on 2016 and the last 4 years as a BDR client, I am amazed at the results and accomplishments we have seen.  While we are still working to be better, I am pleased to say we have grown our top line revenue one million dollars since year end 2012 – representing a four-year growth rate of 53%.  What is most exciting is that our net income increased by 7% in this same time. Probably the biggest WAHOO is that debt on the balance sheet has been reduced significantly over the past 4 years, $130,000 in total. I could not have done this without my Head Coach Gary Heath and the support of BDR.  I consider Gary to be a vital part of my team and I respect his wisdom and guidance.  I'm sure you recognize what a valuable asset he is to BDR but I wanted to say it to both of you.  I could not ask for a better advisor. Final kudo's for Barry's Labor Management class we attended this year in Atlanta.  This is probably the ONE class that had the most impact on our business in 2016.  We are much better at staging jobs and having trucks rolling by 7:30 am!  WAHOO!! I am excited about 2017 and beyond with BDR.  Please keep up the great work!
Mike Geddings Panther Heating & Cooling, Inc.