Top Gun Technician Excellence: Beyond Diagnostics

Top Gun Technician Excellence

About This Class

BDR’s Top Gun Technician Excellence: Beyond Diagnostics helps provide service technicians with the “soft” tools to perform their job better.

Through a series of breakouts, technicians will develop improved customer communications skills, learn how to drive customer satisfaction, sales leads, and referrals through a defined service delivery procedure. This process will help technicians reduce callbacks, improve revenue generation, and increase job satisfaction while increasing their overall value to the company. 

Dealers - Registration Is Open

This class is coming up on January 26, 2023 at 07:30.

This class is virtual.

Who Should Attend This Class

Owners, Dispatchers, Service Managers, Technicians


Things You Will Learn At Top Gun Technician Excellence: Beyond Diagnostics

1. How to develop client service mentality throughout the service call process.

2. Best practices for presenting repair and accessory options during a service call.

3. Key interaction and communication skills to use when working with customers.

4. The process of referral generation and how to maximize reviews during a call.

5. The financial dynamics of a service department.

Meet Your Trainer

What People Are Saying About Top Gun Technician Excellence: Beyond Diagnostics

"Five stars! This class had lots of great info and processes that will help tremendously with both company as well as technician growth. I'm excited to put these practices into my daily routine."
- Nicholas Carson

"Shaun did a great job making the training enjoyable. His experience in the industry is easy to relate to and adds a wealth of experience to the material. This class was very informative and provided a lot of positive improvements to my process."
- Andy Mathews