Redlands Plumbing

We had Dave out to do a Top Gun class at our office this past week and I just wanted to take a moment and thank you and your staff for putting out such a great class. 

I had 23 people in the class and not one of them had a single complaint about the class. It was great to watch them walk in Friday morning miserable and not looking forward to sitting in a 16hr “sales” class to an hour later be excited to be there and actively participate in the class. This morning, all the service guys were still talking about it and how they were going to apply what they had learned.  I even had three people come up to me today with a list of ideas to keep the momentum moving.

The part that was really eye-opening to me was that we have been talking about most of these items as a company for many years now and getting buy-in has always been difficult. But when explained by a third party, they get what we have been talking about. Plus, Dave probably does a better job of explaining.

The only two things that I am disappointed in was that I did not do this sooner and that I did not have the entire company at the training. 

 Keep up the good work!  Thanks!

- Tyler Miner

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