Redlands and Henry Bush Plumbing Heating and Air

Improving Technicians’ perceived value and focusing on educating our customers has to be the two main tools that we have ingrained into our company culture since our first Top Gun training with Dave Consulo.

We recognized that sales have, at its primary roots, the designed purpose to “educate” customers of a particular need. This focus has helped our entire crew to overcome the unpopular stigma of “sales.” In addition, Technicians recognizing their personal worth and how that relates to providing above and beyond customer service has been a hurdle at times for them to overcome. The concentrated effort that the Top Gun Training emphasizes on personal worth acknowledges the Technician’s worth, removing any psychological barriers that have hindered their ability to compensate adequately for the services that they provide. 

From the Technician in the field to the person assisting our customers’ needs over the phone and internet, the ability to fully understand the value of what our services offer to our customers has helped us greatly to convey excellence in almost everything we do. I say most because we recognize that we are, and will always be, a work in progress. This is why we have signed up to have Dave come to our facility again in 2019 and coach us as a team on the additional tools necessary to achieve “service worth bragging about.”

Thank you to Dave and the BDR Team for helping us achieve our goals.

- Wes Livingston

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