Parsons Heating, Air Conditioning, and Appliance Service

Before Profit Launch, I knew I needed some level of help from banging my head against the wall trying to figure ways to be a better owner and manager.

Day one of Profit Launch was an eye opener, but by day three, I was blown away with all the information of what I did not know. At the conclusion of day three, I went back to my room as my head was swimming with hundreds of thoughts of what I was doing wrong, what I could change, and what were going to be my priorities.

I literally broke down crying knowing if we do not change, we could not be around in a year or two and I be damned if I sit back idly and let that happen.

It has been about a week since I got back and sitting here talking to my team the past few days. There is a new renaissance in the office to make many improvements and not just settle with the way we have always done things. Staff are asking which training they get to go to. They are involved and vocal about changes to pricing, maintenance plans, and being responsive to the numbers and ideas brought back from this Profit Launch.

We will eat this elephant one bite at a time, but there is a commitment to make this company better and achieve our 5-year goal of being a 5 million dollar revenue company with larger profits.

- Donnie Parson

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