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I want to thank you for visiting us Carrier and Bryant dealers in Hanover, Maryland during the past two days to teach your Structuring, Strategies, & Tactics for Profit & Growth seminar. I learned a lot of valuable knowledge under your instruction and left with a renewed sense of inspiration regarding my decision to work for my father’s HVAC Company. Moreover, the stories in which you highlighted the various challenges you surmounted while in business or business strategies you implemented within your own company or that of others very much solidified your authority status within the eyes of my father who normally views business consultants with a skeptical eye in terms of their practical value for an HVAC company. Interestingly enough, I for once saw him excited with the advice he received from your seminar and ready to cross the Rubicon in terms of implementing the decisions needed to build our current business into a million-dollar sales organization, which I fully believe is well within our grasp. That is exactly what makes you so special. You have actually lived and worked in this industry of ours and done so most successfully as evidenced by the 100 service vehicles you commanded at your height. That is immensely impressive as an HVAC business achievement and merits the attention of any HVAC owner seeking to grow as a business and maybe someday replicate a small share of the success you have attained.

As a matter of fact, I already communicated to our technicians that tomorrow we will be discussing the SPIFF program we will shortly implement and also mentioned how we will seek to incorporate one accessory into our sales strategy each month, which will be actively offered during each service call. Our Territory Manager is on board and will be at our office on Monday to speak more regarding our big five implementation goals.

- Neil Revollo

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