Sun City Mechanical

In October 2016, I participated in the Foundations BDR class. afterward, I was so excited to start implementing new processes for our company.

One of the first things we did was revise our maintenance plan. We now offer a two-tiered plan and have seen major success. In January & February 2016 we brought in $8,850 from new maintenance customers and renewals. In January & February 2017 in brought in $23,640.94! Just by using the new maintenance brochure provided and increasing our price, we almost triple our revenue.

Also, as a company, we’ve seen a 32% increase from Jan.-Mar. 2016 to Jan.-Mar. 2017. Using BDR pricing techniques has been so beneficial for us! We are finally pricing jobs the way they need to be priced and having great results!

- Katie Ferguson

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