Jack’s Refrigeration

Prior to attending your class at the end of October, Javier’s only good months for sales were July / August ($96,946 / $86, 624) our busiest time of the year here in central California. His closing ratio for the year at that time was 31%. His worst month of the year was March, with at total sales of $18,645.

Upon returning from the class, his November sales were $77,000 with a closing ratio of 48%. The big WAHOO is December. December sales were $103, 449 with a closing ratio of 37%. To put this into perspective, we started tracking his sales at the beginning of March. His total sales March – December $647, 028 with an average closing ratio of 33%. In addition, his average sales went from $7,290.30 to $7,437.10.

Thank you!!!

The first week of January sales $29,539 with a closing ratio of 38%. Average sale $9,846.33.

- Jonathan Chapman

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