Hammond Services

This is some of what we implemented from Service Dispatch University:

  • We are beginning Customer Service Representative (CSR) training that will help them with turning our customers into clients and to give the client the opportunity to say yes or no to Planned Maintenance Agreements (PMA’s).
  • Added all of our social media links to our outgoing emails as well as the picture of the Hammond Service personnel who is sending the email to create a more personal experience.
  • We have divided the techs up among the CSRs and before this month is up, they will be performing happy calls (and asking about PMA’s)
  • Implemented Podium for instant tech reviews and continuing using To Your Success for the Install Department
  • Implemented AM/PM scheduling
  • We attempt to send the same tech back out to the same customer when a part has to be ordered.
  • We soft schedule parts that have to be ordered on the board and have created a procedure to notify customers if the parts have not arrived on the date we gave the customer.
  • Warehouse runners log their runs/delivery out of the warehouse to technicians
  • We have provided all CSR’s/Dispatchers with sit to stand desks.
  • We have acquired a new flat rate book with pictures for good better best options.
  • Our dispatchers are now debriefing techs

Hammond Services is blessed with a great Team and great Coaches!  Wahoo!

- Lisa Hammond

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