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I want to thank you for providing the opportunity to participate with BDR. I have been around the industry for 21 years and every year it seems like it more of the same stuff and less money at the end of the month.

After sitting through the OSP class with Barry in KC last April, I finally decided enough was enough and I was going to make a change and we jumped in with both feet into the fire, taking on Opportunity Manager and the Profit Coaching Program at the same time. We have also attended Dispatch University, OSP (for second time), Running profitable service department and Profit Launch. We are scheduled for just several other classes this coming Spring as well.

Ian came in and helped to implement the Opportunity Manager and helped us get off to a running start, he has been very helpful and knowledgeable with the program.

Working with Gary Heath our profit coach has been very helpful. Gary has taken the time to help me better understand the numbers and get a better handle on the day to day processes. The monthly calls and accountability program has been wonderful. We have worked though several items since. Whenever there is an issue I can always count on Gary to have an answer or find out something helpful. Rachel Millington has been working with Melanie (Accounting) and we have finally gotten our numbers in line so we are able to have accurate reports per department. Thank you Gary and Rachel.

We have also taken advantage of the service coach on-site visit and had Angela Coombs come to our office. Angela did an awesome job of getting in and knuckling down on my service manager and myself. She has worked very hard (patiently) with Bud (Service Manager) and Glenda (Dispatcher) since, to get the 8/10 report up and going along with several other processes along the way. With the monthly call and several email conversations she has been able to help Glenda work out the details and better understand the reporting. Our drive time has been cut by an average of 8 minutes per tech and our average ticket has seen improvement overall until September. (With reporting we were able to determine what was happening with average tickets and have implemented changes that have made instant impact in that area.) We now hold weekly opportunity discussions per Angela’s recommendation. Prior to her visit we had just lost two technicians and were looking to add two more to fill their vacancy. Angela ask us to hold off and work on implementing the 8/10 and other ideas she had brought to the table. We are now generating as much revenue with the 5 techs as we had been with the 7 prior to her arrival. WAHOO. We are making great strides towards our service department not only being profitable but also looking forward to the day that service will cover our overhead. (I thought Barry was full of sh*t when he said it could be done.)We’re getting there!! Another Big WAHOO. Who says a service department is a necessary evil?

Profit Launch was a very exciting time for me. I hadn’t really taken the time to lay out a business plan on paper relying on the SWAG theory (sophisticated wild a** guess) we were just plain lucky to keep growing (not always profitably). Now after the week in Seattle I have very clear vision for our team and have been working hard to share that vision and garner support from the ranks. My management team is on board and each department has raised the bar to another level. The commitment has been renewed and we will be a 15 million dollar company in the next 3 to 5 years. I’ll definitely be back at profit launch in 09.

Basically I wanted to take the time to thank the BDR Team. It would be remiss of me if I didn’t also mention the support staff in Seattle, they have done an awesome job as well and I appreciate the long hours they put in during Profit Launch and how they handle normal everyday business. I’m proud to be a part of the BDR team and looking forward to a very profitable partnership.


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