I wanted to share with you how much your company has meant to one of my dealers in your program and myself. I was able to accompany the dealer to Profit Launch 2016.

After the meeting, we returned and had monthly meetings with their profit coach and I was able to see a complete change in my dealer’s focus because of a great business plan. As you state so eloquently my dealer is now my client and because of this, I have refocused all of my communications with all of my dealers to my clients.

The dealer has now climbed over wall 3 in record time and I have reaped the benefits of increased sales of over 400,000 with them and complete territorial growth of 1.5 million enabling me to win the Carrier president’s award in 2015 and I am on my way to winning again in 2016.

I just recently attended Profit Launch 2017 with another client, they are excited about the future and so am I.

Thanks for all you do BDR you do it right!

- Bill Ward

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