Pioneer Refrigeration Inc.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and the rest of the Profit Coach team. As you know I was previously a client of the Airtime 500 organization which I was led to believe offered the same benefits as BDR.

After 6 months of membership in their program, I was completely dissatisfied and felt as if I was taken advantage of with their outrageous entry fee and monthly fees as well. After that experience, needless to say, I was more than a little skeptical when investigating BDR. I am happy to report that although these are very trying times and my business has not yet turned the corner to success and profitability I feel very comfortable that the process is working, and more importantly, I realize that with BDR there were no promises at the beginning that were strictly designed to promote a euphoric feeling to allow easy access to my money.

I feel like everything that BDR promised me is being lived up to, you and the rest of the teamwork very hard to guide us toward profitability and my telephone conversations with you have always left me feeling as if you had a vested interest in Pioneer Refrigeration Inc. and want to see it succeed. Again thank you for all of the hard work from my self and everyone else here, Barry is very fortunate to have people like you, Jenn, and April on his staff, it’s no wonder he has been so successful.

- Anthony R. Davis

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