Aces AC Supply

Jon Landry

Jon Landry, Aces AC Supply

I would like to thank you. I know I will get more emails [from my dealers praising this class] like the one below. I have been very busy all day sending information to everyone that was involved in the class. This is exciting. I have my work cut out for me, but I look forward to it. You all delivered as promised.                                                 

Thank you both.


Tim Newton, Air-Ton Heating and AC

The class made a huge impact for me and our business. The trainers from BDR did an excellent job in the presentation of the class. I used the information from them and started implementing it immediately in our everyday operations.

After the class, the boost we have to make the changes within our company to become more profitable is unmatched. We plan on using BDR in every way we can to help us through the growing process we are moving towards.

I attended the class five years ago and regretfully was unable to make these changes. To be honest, I was not completely sold on everything. For some reason, the changes that were made and possibly the way it was presented by the trainer made more of an impact to me.

We are very excited to do this and appreciate all the work that Jon Landry and Aces did to make this available for us.