BDR Value Builder Self Study 12-Week Program


Have you wondered why some companies sell at a higher multiple of earnings than others? What makes their companies so much more valuable? This 12-week self-study program will guide you through a series of online tutorials on the 8 key drivers of company value. Each tutorial is followed by a self-assessment of action items you want to complete as well as potential obstacles that may keep you from achieving your goal. Negotiate the sale of your business from a stance of strength, register today, and gain insight on how to maximize your multiplier.


To start, you will meet with your Certified Value Builder™ Advisor in a discovery session to assess your starting point and future goals. Here you will discuss the best way to leverage the Independent Learning Pathway to improve your business.

You will then work through Modules 1 to 12 independently over the course of 12 weeks. During this time, your Advisor will be tracking your progress and will be available via email to answer your questions.

To conclude, you will meet again with your Certified Value Builder™ Advisor in a review session. Here you will discuss a plan of action and with the help of your Advisor, you will develop strategies to put into practice the key takeaways from each module.



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