Why Every Company Needs a Business Valuation – Prime Resources Podcast

Business Valuation

Did you know that every company could use a business valuation – even if selling your company is not on your immediate radar?

Kevin Nott, BDR head coach and financial expert, explains how the valuation process works, when should it be performed, and why it’s beneficial. Is the HVAC industry a desirable one for potential buyers? Listen and find out!

Prime Resources Podcast – Why Every Company Needs a Business Valuation:

  • (02:49) What is a business valuation?
  • (04:50) Timeframe and points of a valuation
  • (09:44) Why is a larger company attractive to a buyer?
  • (12:43) Can you ballpark a valuation?
  • (18:40) Professional business evaluators
  • (29:08) Is the HVAC an attractive industry to buyers?
  • (36:48) How can you prepare?

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