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Self-Leadership and Goal Setting

In this episode of the Prime Resources Podcast, BDR head coach Paul Grizzle shares how to practice self-leadership and goal setting. Paul discusses the four pillars of self-leadership, the impact that self-leadership has on goal achievement, and how it all ties together in your personal and professional life. Learn how self-leadership could impact your business planning and drive you ahead of your competition.

Self-Leadership and Goal Setting Time Stamps:

  • (01:38) – What is self-leadership?
  • (04:10) – Physical self-leadership
  • (05:40) – Emotional self-leadership
  • (07:40) – Mental self-leadership
  • (10:05) – Spiritual self-leadership
  • (11:57) – The way we lead ourselves impacts the way we can lead others
  • (15:24) – Becoming self-aware
  • (23:38) – How to practice self-leadership
  • (28:36) – Seeing the potential in other people
  • (31:00) – Self-leadership impacts goal achievement
  • (32:55) – Setting good goals
  • (36:40) – Business Planning
  • (40:55) – Final thoughts

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