Weatherproof your business and profits by attending BDR’s Residential Maintenance work!

Residential Maintenance workshop

BDR’s Residential Maintenance workshop is coming to Dallas, TX on March 21-22, 2019! Learn how to weatherproof your business and maximize your profits by building life time clients.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend! Learn how to create a company that no longer runs from “hot to cold” by weatherproofing your business with a well-managed, profitable maintenance agreement program.

By developing your maintenance program, you will be able to stabilize profits and cash flow and develop a long-term client base instead of one-time customers.

You will also learn strategies to develop your replacement lead pool and retain a consistent labor force by providing work year-round.

Sound like a class you could grow from? Register now for the March 21-22 in Dallas, TX!

If you’d like more details on what this class covers, click here.