Turn your Service Department into a profit machine at Service Dispatch University!

Dispatcher wearing a headset, Turn Your Service Department Into a Profit Machine

Learn the skills that will take your dispatching to the next level at Service Dispatch University!

I’ve gained a lot of great information. I am excited about implementing these things in our company!

Carrie Shirk, Goodco Mechanical

This workshop will give Dispatchers the tools to be successful at their job and take their dispatching skills to the next level.

Dispatchers will learn strategies for:

  • Better efficiency in routing
  • Less unapplied time
  • Better customer service skills and tools
  • Enhanced communication skills with the team and the clients
  • Improved scripting for consistent delivery

I enjoyed this class and can use ALL of this material to implement in my job. Thank you!

Colleen Koetsier, Schaafsma Heating & Cooling

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