Turn your Service Department into a profit machine at Service Dispatch University!

Dispatcher wearing a headset, Turn Your Service Department Into a Profit Machine

Learn the skills that will take your dispatching to the next level at Service Dispatch University on August 23-25, 2018 in Seattle, WA!

Dispatcher-Recommended Classes

This hands-on workshop will give Dispatchers the tools to be successful at their job and take their dispatching skills to the next level.

Dispatchers will learn strategies for:

  • Better efficiency in routing
  • Less unapplied time
  • Better customer service skills and tools
  • Enhanced communication skills with the team and the clients
  • Improved scripting for consistent delivery

Hear what past attendees had to say:

I’ve gained a lot of great information. I am excited about implementing these things in our company!” – Carrie Shirk, Goodco Mechanical

I enjoyed this class and can use ALL of this material to implement in my job. Thank you!” – Colleen Koetsier, Schaafsma Heating & Cooling

Sound like a class you could grow from? Register now for the August 23-25 session in Seattle, WA!

If you’d like more details on what this class covers, click here.