Retail Salesperson beats the competition by selling value


Joe Dudley, a Retail Sales Professional in Alaska, recently attended BDR’s Structural Sales class. Discover what he had to say about the impact of the class on his sales results:

The first four days after I came back from [Structural Sales], I sold seven out of nine jobs.

I’m still reminded of one of the jobs on a daily basis. Our best competitor and another decent competitor were going after the same sale.

I got the job because I did what the others weren’t willing to do and I communicated what I was doing! The customer said I was the only one who actually went down into their crawl space and that I communicated thoroughly with them.

Even though our competitors had a lower price, they didn’t communicate value, which I learned how to do at the Structural Sales class. Because I did a great job communicating my value, the customer was willing to buy from me even though my price was higher.

Great Retail Sales Professionals sell on value, not price, like Joe does!