Bruce Maximixing value of greatest asset.

Are You Maximizing the Value of Your Greatest Asset?

March 29, 2017

What is your most valuable asset? For most Americans, their savings, their 401K, or their home are all common answers to this question. For business owners, the answer is slightly different. Your most valuable asset is likely to be your company. It can generate an income stream as long as you own it, and one day it can be sold.

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"Key to Success"

Demystifying the Mechanics of ‘Winnable’ Goals

May 16, 2016

I’m sure we’ve all read studies that show fewer than 10 percent of the population sets goals, less than half of these people achieve their goals, and yet everyone believes goal setting is very important. So, why do we all agree having goals is important yet more than 90 percent of us don’t set them?

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People at a Conference

A Service Management Manifesto

July 27, 2015

Anyone can learn from their own mistakes, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others…

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Public Speaking

Service Dispatch University Featured Article

June 10, 2015

Here in Georgia we’re not too far from where Spanish conquistadors once spent decades looking forthe Fountain of Youth. As we know, they never found it. Their quest was as achievable, some might say, as a contracting firm doing an end-run around the down economy.

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Person With Arms Raised

Business Coaches Provide Playbook for Success

November 1, 2010

Just as a good hitting or pitching coach can help a baseball player succeed, a good business coach can help a company succeed. At Mason Mechanical, we’re living proof of this.

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Contractors Learn, Recharge at Commercial Maintenance Workshop

August 1, 2010

I’ve flown to Seattle twice every year for the past 10, and each time, return home reinvigorated, newly inspired, and having learned something new and valuable for the business each time,” said Mark Stout, president of Stout Heating and Air, an 18-person, full-service mechanical contracting based in Salisbury, NC.

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