New BDR Program Helps Contractors Prepare for a Successful, Satisfying Exit

BDR Value Builder PR graphic.

The leading training and coaching provider for the home service industry announces the BDR Company Value Builder, a powerful new program to help owners effectively assess and grow their business

SEATTLE — March 30, 2023 — Business Development Resources (BDR), the training and business coaching authority for home services industry professionals, introduces the BDR Company Value Builder, a powerful new program based on a proven methodology that helps contractors prepare for a satisfying business exit.

The BDR Company Value Builder uses the Personal Readiness to Exit metric, known as PREScore™, and other innovative systems to calculate how prepared business owners and their companies are for exit opportunities. With BDR Company Value Builder, owners also learn how to drive company value to maximize exit opportunities.

“We want to prepare the leaders in our industry to approach the next stage of life confidently,” said Kim Archer, BDR Vice President of Coaching. “The BDR Company Value Builder helps contractors understand the current value of their company as well as its potential. With that information, we can help them identify concrete steps that will lead directly to their goals. Having a plan can take much of the uncertainty out of a potentially stressful situation.”

The BDR Company Value Builder offers four programs to meet your needs.

  • PREScore and Freedom Point assessments
    • Three out of four owners are unhappy after they exit their business, and only 5% are happy with the proceeds. This assessment provides the owner with insight into what needs to be done to ensure a satisfied exit.
  • Value Builder Assessment 
    • After taking this 15-minute assessment, a certified coach will meet with the owner and discuss the business’s estimated value as well as suggestions on how to increase the valuation.
  • Value Builder Engagement
    • A certified coach-guided program focusing on the eight key drivers of company value.
  • Custom Coaching
    • Designed to meet your specific needs.

Each program above includes:

  • The PREScore™ and Freedom Point assessment
  • A weekly Built to Sell radio podcast
  • A monthly article on building company value
  • A quarterly webinar on building company value
  • The Eight Drivers of Value video series
  • The Built to Sell implementation guide
  • The Nine Subscription Models white paper

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