Master the art and science of dispatching at Service Dispatch University!

Service Dispatch University

Master the art and science of dispatching at Service Dispatch University!

Effective and efficient dispatching is part art, part science. It requires great planning and analytical skills along with the ability to pivot on a moment’s notice. At Service Dispatch University, we teach you both the art and science of dispatching so your Service team can get to more calls and generate more revenue.

Service Dispatch University - conference table with an instructor

This class is a must for Dispatchers to maximize their job performance and career satisfaction.

“Love the coaches/team. They made it fun, shared useful experiences, and kept the material light and the class moving along. Lots of great ideas to increase revenue. The scripting was very helpful. Learned some great new ways to positively and effectively communicate to customers and learned great new ways to deal with some negative situations.”

Kimberly Emerich, Vertex Mechanical

BDR’S Service Dispatch University provides hands-on exercises that simulate the actions a successful Dispatcher needs to take to improve efficiencies and maximize company profits.

Service Dispatch University - attendees

Attendees will learn how to save time to get more calls. If you save 10 minutes per call in travel time, you would experience an extra hour per day for billed service:

1 Hour = $350/day = $7,700/month = $92,400/year

“This was my first BDR class and it was outstanding. The trainers were extremely personable and the wealth of knowledge I received was amazing. I’m new to the HVAC industry and dispatching and found this experience to be very informative. Thanks so much for a great class.”

Terri Folz, SSB Heating and Cooling

Need hands-on experience to master the art and science of dispatching? If you’d like more details on upcoming events, click here.