Learn to create a customer experience that generates referrals!

Female customer experience coordinator wearing a headset, Are your team members providing the customer a positive experience every time?

Customer Experience University helps your team build a unique customer experience that generates results.

This three-day workshop is built for the Sales and Installation coordinators who serve as the central point of each customer’s experience with your company. BDR provides customer service and communication training to help them deliver 360° of Trust™ with both internal and external customers.

Train these vital team members so they can drive improved customer satisfaction and referrals for your company!

Are your coordinators creating a memorable, positive experience for every customer?

By attending this class, coordinators will:

  • Improve their customer service, communications, and organizational skills
  • Understand how to position Salespeople and Installers for success
  • Find out how to build 360° of Trust™ with customers and co-workers
  • Understand how to enhance customer satisfaction and nurture leads
  • Develop a process to set up your retail sales team for a great sales appointment

And much more!

Send your team member, and we’ll send back a skilled customer service expert and Trust™ builder, who can set the stage for your company to generate referrals from every job.

Sounds like something your company can benefit from? If you’d like more details on upcoming events, click here.