Learn how to maximize profits through improved dispatching at Service Dispatch University!

Female dispatcher wearing a blue uniform, Dispatcher, Is your service department operating at its full profit potential?

Discover how to tap the hidden potential of a great service dispatch department! Did you know that saving as little as ten minutes per call can generate an extra $92,400 in revenue per Technician? Learn the dispatching techniques that can help increase your service department’s efficiency, speed, and level of customer satisfaction!

“This was my first BDR class and it was outstanding. The trainers were extremely personable and the wealth of knowledge I received was amazing. I’m new to the HVAC industry and dispatching and found this experience to be very informative. Thanks so much for a great class.”

Terri Folz, SSB Heating and Cooling

Attend Service Dispatch University to learn how to:

  1. Save time to get to more calls
  2. Develop telephone scripts and learn proper phone etiquette to provide consistently high levels of customer service
  3. Build strategies to manage and increase maintenance agreements and so much more!

“What an amazing opportunity to be a part of. I am excited to use these tools to help our Service Center grow. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to finally meet Jennifer. I’m looking forward to continued growth while working together.”

Sarah Burton, Fire & Ice

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“The SDU class was excellent. I have a much better understanding of zoning, proper scheduling, importance of saving time each day, scripting, and reporting. We want to go back and make our team an efficient machine while providing excellent service to our clients and customers.”

Cindy Clarke, WA Air Conditioning