Discover how to tap the hidden labor capacity in your company

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Discover how to tap the hidden labor capacity in your company! Join us at Labor Management: Retail Focus to learn how to end call backs, save time, and install more jobs with the same people. You will learn how to complete a retail replacement installation that leads to multiple referrals.

“This class was excellent. BDR truly relates everything presented in a way that matters to us and sold the importance of implementing topics that were taught. I’m leaving this class with a tablet full of notes and things to do better. Great start, endless ideas for us to implement which we will start doing immediately.”

Find out the steps top dealers are using to:

  1. Prepare for an installation
  2. Manage the installation
  3. Complete all post-installation tasks

You will also learn BDR’s 360° of Trust™ strategy for ensuring satisfied customers and generating valuable referral leads while completing high quality installations.

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